Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some sad news...

I have not been posting recently, I have been busy looking after Dubh, who passed away last night after a short battle with a very aggressive cancer. This photo was taken only about two or three weeks ago. Dubh had a 2nd operation in November to remove a growth on her stomach, and had dental work done. Sadly in mid-January we found a growth in her mouth, which upon biopsy turned out to be the aggressive cancer which took her from us yesterday.
Dubh travelled everywhere with me, fishing, painting, walking and even driving to the shops and back. She spent hours in my studio when I was painting, she even had her own bed in my studio, happy to be where she could keep an eye on me lest I escape without her. Sadly, I'll be allowed to paint alone from now on... and all my angling friends will miss the cutest looking Ghillie, who always managed to get herself into the photo, even official group photos at the competitions.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buncrana, Co.Donegal..

I am just back from a grey and cloudy Donegal. We stayed in Buncrana for a few days, and travelled around a bit, hoping to see the Northern Lights from Malin Head....
Sadly with the rain and cloud, and fog we were lucky to see the Head itself! Dubh enjoyed the sea air though. I was not feeling too energetic myself, still recovering from a second bout of 'Flu this year. It was touch-and-go whether I would travel or not.
I find I always have my own personal raincloud every time I go to Donegal.. but the scenery is still beautiful and worth the trip.

I was hoping to do some painting while I was up there, but unfortunately I was not well enough, but we will probably go up again later in the spring after our trip to the south of France. I'll take the paints up with me then.