Sunday, October 6, 2013

Travelling again.. both I and my plants..

The first sold sign has gone up on my new updated website , barely a month after it went live.  I know the new shopping cart is operating as it should, unlike the last couple of years.
I'm due to visit Rome later this month, which should be a nice trip.  I am travelling to the south of  Spain in January, or, I should say for January.  We are going for the whole month,  and will be looking at long-tern rental properties in different areas.  I am looking forward to that trip, the sun and warmth in particular.  January can be very cold and miserable here.

My Strelitzia (bird of paradise) plants, including the nicotinia,s are now residents of Farmleigh House . 
I have had to reduce the rainforest in my conservatory, and a friend's son who works at Farmleigh was delighted to get them for the collection there.  I'm glad, I can visit them occasionally.  I was a little sad to lose all my plants, most grown from seed, some of which I had collected by hand pollinating plants, but the compost wasn't helping my breathing problem which has been upgraded from Asthma to COPD.  The up-side is the conservatory now looks very light and airy and much larger than it did hidden by all the foliage.