Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time to start painting.

Well, the fishing is over, the important competitions anyway.  Now I can get back to work as such.
I have somewhat cleaned the studio, which was rather cluttered with bits and pieces from working on small bits and pieces.  Now I feel I can get stuck in to some proper painting, for the next two weeks at least, before we slip across to the Cote D'Azur in mid October.
I am hopeful that it may be a bit brighter tomorrow, the last two days have been dark and grey with constant rain.  Weather not condusive to painting bright cheerful canvases, but I was away on the road anyway.  I have been in Limerick, Waterford, Wexford, back to Dublin and then off to Galway, Navan and Drogheda in the last two days.  A round trip of about 1,000 km. over the two days, most of it in rain and heavy traffic.

Tomorrow I am going to paint, sit, ponder and paint some more..  hopefully a productive and restful day.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back from Monet's world, and into my own...

 Here are some of the promised Photographs from Giverny.  The gardens are beautiful, if a little crowded for any real atmosphere.
I did a couple of watercolour sketches while I was there, just for the sake of doing it as much as anything else.
We wandered through the house (surprisingly spacious) and studio (not as big as I expected) also and explored Monet's collection of Japanese prints which are on display on the walls where hed left them.

We visited the Orangerie the following day to see the Waterlilly paintings in situ (as well as the other art on view downstairs) .A pleasing experience enhanced by the visit to the gardens. 

the watergarden
the main avenue

the river Ru

the sketching artist

view to the Japanese bridge

 the lily pond from beside the bridge

I'm busy fishing for the next two weeks, but I'm going to try to get started on some work.   Monet's waterlillies have encouraged me to go large again.  looking around at the expansive canvases reminded me why I love to paint big canvases.  I think the recent smaller work may have stifled my creativity somewhat, but it's OK.  I'm cured.