Saturday, November 29, 2008

I didn't get to photograph the 2nd Venitian painting yet. I have been too busy. Last nights' group show opening seemed to go well, I had already sold two before I left, so it is looking good, even without more sales. A sell rate of 33% is a good result for a large group show opening anyway.

I am hoping for more sales before the exhibition closes, but either way I will be happy. Getting that first sale when you don't have your own buyers list at a show is always important. Red dots (sold signs) encourage others to invest. It is great to be doing well at the moment, I am feeling energised painting wise and will be in a position to splash out in the Art supplies shop after Christmas. There will be too much gift set stocks and too little room in the shops to browse for my liking between now and the new year. I have enough of everything until January anyway.

I find it easier to get good deals on canvas, brushes etc. in January too, so I don't really want to brave the Christmas shoppers and the city traffic.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

muddy yellows.....

I have finally finished (sort of) my latest work. It is an atmospheric rendering of a Venitian canal scene. I will endeavour to upload a photo later.

Before I do that I have to send two works by courier tomorrow, deliver another six for an exhibition tomorrow evening, on thursday evening I have to be at an art sale I am taking part in, and I have another opening on Friday for another group show in which I am included (the six works I'm delivering tomorrow evening).

With all this going on I also need to arrange a studio viewing for a patron and arrange delivery or collection for two other works that need framing for Christmas.
I am told by one of my Galleries that there is a deposit paid on another work also, to be collected before Christmas.

With all the talk of World recession, it's very nice to be so busy. It just goes to prove, quality art will always sell, and in turbid times it is a realistic investment opportunity. I have however refrained from increasing my prices this year. Mainly because I feel in the current economic climate holding values is almost as good as increasing them. Although I absolutely refused to reduce them earlier on when some Galleries thought the economic downturn warranted lower prices. I believe I owe it to my collectors to protect their investments. Sadly I noticed recently some artists resorting to "half price sales" at an art fair, to the detriment of all the participants.
I am glad I was not taking part in the fair, for I feel all the participants, including high end galleries were tarred with the same brush, ie. Bargain basement art-works.

I am going to climb down off my soap-box now, and get back to work, I have been scrutinising the latest masterpiece, knowing there was a little something I wasn't happy with and I have just seen it. I need to adjust the tone slightly on the yellow, it is looking a little dirty/muddy, I overworked it during the mixing I think.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Venitian painting........

I have been busy in the studio. I eventually finished the commissions, and after I was looking through some photographs from our trips earlier this year. Amongst them were some from venice,
This one in particular reminded me of the patterns formed by the boats, moorings and buildings along the canals. I started sketching away and after awhile I came up with the idea for this painting of the waterbus stop. I have called it 'Ghost of Venice'

This is partly due to the fact that it is an impression left by City and it's environs. It also alludes to the hazy figure within the bus station. I kept the painting very geometric in nature, relying on the shapes and patterns to make the painting, more than trying to create a representational work from a photograph.

I enjoyed the painting, and I am very happy with the result. I am now thinking of creating a small series based on my memories. I shall keep you informed.....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

2nd Biennial Ex Libris - Lighthouse

The 2nd Biennal Ex Libris opened in Gallerie Archive, Nemanjina 7, Pancevo, Serbia last night. I have a couple of linocuts showing in it. I would have liked to get over for the exhibition, but I couldn't really justify it at the moment with all the travelling I have been doing. I will be in Malta next month too.

I am looking forward to the trip, and I have arranged to meet up with an Artist friend, Francis Gallea while I am there. In the meantime it's back to work for me, paintings to paint (and finish) before I go....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Irish landscape paintings

I am still working away in the studio. I am hoping to finish the commissions next week which will give me more time to start on some landscapes. I am determined to paint a few irish landscapes this year, and hopefully I can build up enough to organise a show. The few I do manage to paint tend to sell in the meantime.

It is surprising how hard it can be to do something that simple!!!
Oh well, c'est la vie.