Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January blues...

I haven't been in the studio for a few weeks, I have been busy at other things. With the year end figures to tie up and paperwork to organise I just didn't find the time to paint. We had to cancel two trips abroad this month due to unforseen events so we are not in Oslo this week, nor will we visit Madrid.
However, I've booked a trip to Barcelona/Salou for March instead, and we still have the visit to Nice (France) booked alongside two short day trips to Edinburg and Liverpool, (to visit galleries etc.). We are trying to get into the city center to see the annual Turner exhibition (in the national gallery)before the end of the month too, they only display the watercolours in January when the light conditions are most suitable (least damaging) for the works.

I am currently trying to tie down a gallery owner to do a stock check, but they seem to be totally disorganised as to what stock they have where. I have emailed my access printout to show what works they should have belonging to me, so they can see what they owe me for. There seems to be problems (caused by part-time staff not dealing with paperwork for sold items properly I'm told) with exactly what has been sold and what has not.

It is mildly irritating, though it would be worse if I needed the money at the moment, but I can afford to wait for a few weeks as my bank balance is relatively healthy at the moment. It is just another job that is taking far more effort and time than it should. I need to get it sorted out so I can do my end-of-year figures.

Meanwhile, it is great to see the stretch in the evenings, spring is on it's way. The lenght of the daylight hours seem to have taken a sudden spurt in the last two weeks, or maybe I was just too busy to notice.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I still haven't finished any paintings this year. I have been busy with other things though. The weather has been very (unusually) cold here recently. Today we have high winds too, but the sky has clouded up so it should start getting a little warmer.
I need to spend more time in my studio. I have the daylight simulation bulbs there, I am suffering a little from lack of daylight. I don't need an excuse to work in the studio, but if I did this is a good one....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's 2009

Happy New Year everyone. I ended 2008 by destroying my mobile phone. They are not designed to be driven over.... So I had to buy a new one. I then spent most of today acessing my contacts from the phone's memory by computer and transferring them over to the new phone. Not an easy job when you don't have a screen on the phone to see what you are doing while trying to connect.

I also discovered that while using Nokia suite, you cannot have two phones listed at once, one just overwrites the other. The good news is I did manage to retrieve all my contacts. I have them backed up now too.

I am hoping to get back to work next week, I have had a good break, but as yet I have not felt the need to start painting. I will post as soon as I get work coming along.