Monday, November 29, 2010

A good start to Christmas sales.

Happily I sold at the last group show over the weekend, my framing bill has been paid and I'm well into profit. Now I am much more upbeat about the third show opening next week. I seemed to buck the trend at the last show, where sales were well below last year in general, but many artists had work for sale at reduced prices, and I am of the opinion this hurts both the sales and those who have invested in the work previously. I resisted the temptation to do this, even in the depressed market, and more than doubled my last years figures for the same show.
Hopefully my success will continue, giving me a base to work from next year, until the economy turns up.

In the meanwhile we are experiencing extreme cold and heavy snowfalls, two months earlier than usual. According to the forecasts we are going to have it for at least two weeks.... I dunno what happened to global warming it's getting colder!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bankrupted by the banks, now we are being shafted again.

I've just been browsing the catalogue of the Auction sale of the Bank of Ireland's art collection tomorrow, the first trache from 3,000 works, expected to sell for 1.2 million euro, just in time to totally screw up the Christmas market/sales for the contemporary artists. After all, how many serious art buyers do you get in a population of 3.5 million?

I have three group exhibitions opening over the next week. Any guesses at how many of the art collectors are going to have some money left?? It seems to be a day for me to be complaining today. Hopefully the first exhibition which opens tomorrow evening will cheer me up. At least I've only none to not sell in this one, just 20 yards away from the Bank's Art Auction...:(
Yes you guessed it, the Banks have screwed us again. The country has been more or less bankrupted by the bankers, all who seem to be laughing all the way to their offshore bank accounts and their multi million euro pensions. The government have finally been caught out in their outright lies to the voters. And finally, for Christmas we are losing our sovereignty, sold out to the IMF to pay for the golden circle's gambling debts. All of which the working people will have to pay back anyway while the rich, and the super rich have run off with their cash elsewhere.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Water is interesting.

I have a fascination with water, be it still, running or other. Water holds mystery. Pools and streams have fascinated me ever since I got my first wetting in a small pond at the age of five. There is a world of seldom seen dramas under the surface, waiting to be discovered in little cameos, appearing like mirages in isolated clarity behind the reflections of normal light. A world of fish and crustaceans, that is also full of other life unknown in the world above.

Mystery is to be found in a small rock-pool, the finger of the incoming tide creeping in toward the pool, seeking to free the mysteries hidden below the reflected blue. This is what makes water so interesting. Each time you look into a pool of water a different mystery can be found, like the water itself, the mystery is fluid.

This has an influence on my work. Again and again I come back to painting water, it's like a child playing in the rock pool, hunting for little crabs, or fishing for minnow with a net in the local park's pond. I am reliving the excitement of childhood while exploring the light and movement on the surface as an adult.

At heart I'm still the five year old fishing in pools and puddles.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Storms ahead..

I left my work into Holles Street for the Art Sale in aid of One in Four in the Department of Justice and Law reform at 51 St. Stephens Green, Dublin on the 25th of November.
The weather is getting stormy, we are due winds of up to 80 miles an hour this evening, just short of Hurricane force.
Thursday, 11 November 2010 11:06
Extremely windy or stormy today with gusts of 100 to 140 km/hr. The most severe winds in exposed parts of Ulster and Connacht. Widespread heavy and thundery showers with the risk of hail. The showers will merge into longer spells of rain in the North. The top temperatures will be between 9 and 12 degrees.


Gale force winds will moderate later tonight but it will stay very blustery throughout the night. The showers will continue in the North and West but it will become mainly dry elsewhere. The lowest temperatures will be between 5 and 8 degrees.
I hate high winds :( It's a evening for buttoning down the hatches and huddling around a fire. It will be unsafe to be out in the Van anyway, I'm glad I made the delivery this morning.

Here are photo's of the two small 8 by 8 inch (20cm) canvases I was working on. They have not photographed well, the colour balances are all over the place. The blue shadow areas in the top painting are almost black in the actual work itself.

It must be an effect of the light, or the background behind the works when I photographed them. I tried manipulating the balances on the computer, but they would not sort themselves out between the bluer areas and the dark reds, and forget about worrying about the oranges and yellows in the highlights. It is possibly a result of trying to photograph such small works.

At this stage I have taken 6 seperate photographs of each, trying to get some kind of reasonable colour correction. You can get a rough

idea of what they are like though. They are two more views from Carna, Connemara.

Two variations on a theme, that actually look quite good in the flesh.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An excuse not to start work.....

I'm struggling to paint a few small works. I don't like working small :(
I wish the economy didn't necessitate creating smaller works for the Christmastime market, but needs must. I'd much rather be working larger. In reality, a small work takes as much time and endeavour as a larger one, although the selling price is much less. I find it difficult to get engrossed in a small work, and when painting it there is not enough room to let my brushes really make marks, everything needs to be controlled. It means there are no happy accidents (little cameo areas that please the eye) during the underpainting to assimilate into the painting..

I find these often make a work, well, at least from my perspective, they make it interesting in a different way. I think I may have to do a large painting when I have finished these few. I have put myself under pressure now, having left it so late to do the small pieces, they need to be finished soon so that they can be framed in the next week or two. So I can't spend long on here typing. It's back to the easel and oil paints........

Friday, November 5, 2010

November is a week old already...

This is the photo of the other painting I had been
talking about. You may regognise it from this one on the right I had posted here earlier this year. Itself a reworked plein air painting originally done on site near Glinsk.
The painting still needs work on the foreground
but there is not a lot to do on it. In the meantime I have not been working for the last week, other things taking over my time. I hope to get stuck in in the studio next week though. This weekend I'll be visiting friends exhibiting at the Art Fair in the RDS in Dublin, and I want to try to get to the Artist's forum in Tallaght Saturday evening too.
Life can get very busy at times, I should take a leaf out of it's book.