Thursday, April 30, 2009

May is around the corner...

The end of another month.  It has flown by again.  I have been quite busy in the studio overall and work has progressed well.  I will be away for half of May between my trip to Spain and my upcoming ten day fishing break. This will mean I won't get much chance to complete any more paintings as I'll need to look after other aspects of business before after and between trips. Consequently I probably won't post here much next month either.  You will know why though....

In the meantime I'll leave you with another painting,  oil on canvas, 19 by  22 cm.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Computers down, paintings up...

I am not on my own computers at the moment so I am still unable to upload pictures. My studio desktop is not communicating with the wireless base station for some un-explained reason. My laptop's power chord is kaput, and I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive. Therefore I'm borrowing C's laptop to post. Work is progressing, I am still working on fish themed work, but I am also working on other pieces for sales/commissions. Business has picked up a little recently, which is just as well since I have a few bills coming due, van insurance, week-away-with-the-lads-fishing, a need for New brushes, some canvas, paint.....ah well! easy come easier to go as they say.....what they forget to mention is money has a habit of being more Hard to come by, easy to go.

I had a nice surprise yesterday when I learned three small works had sold. They were in a venue that while I hadn't forgotten about, were not expected to start selling for a month or two.
They now want more works, and since they are all of a standard size have said they will organise the framing of the pieces.

Another pleasant little chore for me. Consequently, this will be another short post....things to do, people to see..and painting to be done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I have been busy enough painting recently, but I need to do a little office work this week. I have a couple of galleries to visit also. I am slowly catching up with myself this week, but I need to do a lot more before the end of the month. I need to focus a little more.

I may get finished tomorrow, because I'm otherwise occupied for Friday and the weekend I need to. Then I can get back to painting next week.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have just finished a small study of a Browntrout's head. It is only 20 by 15 cm, but the piece is quite effective. I had been working on the larger brown trout painting and the light changed as clouds came had been sunny this morning.... and the colour on the fish changed from olives to almost irredescent greens.
You can see the difference in colouring from the as yet unfinished work. It is still unfinished because the light keeps changing. It hasn't been helped by the fact that I really need fresh subjects every couple of days rather than trying to keep the one fish moist for a week. However catching identical looking fish can be difficult at times...
I think I am going to start doing a lot more smaller works from them, they are easier to set up and quicker to do anyway.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Springtime has arrived....

I am finding it hard to do work today. It is too peaceful and pleasant sitting in the sun watching the fish in my pond. Even inside the water draws me. I may give up soon and give in to the temptation of a lazy afternoon.

It's either that or go fishing. LOL. I may even do both.