Friday, May 20, 2011

preparing for further works

I have been doing a few work-up drawings and studies, in preparation for a new lino-cut. I intend to do a block print of a trout, but I am finding it difficult to decide on the size of the block. I wanted to do it quite small, but it is quite hard to create a work small enough that I am fully happy with. I will perservere for a while longer, and see what comes of it.
I need to get more print-work supplies next week, and I want to get some papers to experiment with. I am not overly experienced in how different papers work with ink impressions and I will learn quite a lot from a few test prints with differing surfaces.

I also want to do some more research on the indigenous art of New Mexico before my trip next April I am interested in exploring how the landscape has influenced their art through the ages. My own art in New Mexico will probably be influenced by my knowledge of the history, or my lack of knowledge.. and six weeks is a short time to create work unless I have already done much of my homework first.

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