Monday, May 9, 2011

An interesting result, and two more fish.

I was in the studio doing a quick sketch of a Lough Sheelin trout in preperation for a possible painting. I used a piece of canvas I hadn't stretched, and with a soft pencil did a quick outline drawing and shaded it to a certain extent.

I was distracted doing something else and returned to the work later which caused me to take a longer look at the sketch than I would when working on it. The result was a quick wash of thinned oil paint, a few marks with a coloured pencil on the fins and gill plate. What started out as a quick sketch has become a very interesting artwork.

I have also finished the lino cutting for the previously posted print, and I have a quick hand pressed impression from the blocks. The image here is a bit poorly imprinted and mis-aligned but it is only intended to give an idea as to what the print will look like.
I want to do some Gyotaku fish printing as part of my current work. I need to obtain some fresh fish to do this though, and I really want to get some small sea-bream to experiment with.
An artist friend Molly Hill introduced me to the process of Gyotaku last year, but I'm still getting around to trying it. You should visit Molly's website, a few fish get into her wonderful art too.
I have a firm date for my studio sale, July 16th at Village Framing, Lower Dodder road Rathfarnham. Put it into your diary.

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