Sunday, May 1, 2011

Of studio doors and other animals...

There is a reason I have a separate studio, unfortunately the dog thinks it should be open to her whenever she wishes to visit. The fact that it is usually open to her is beside the point.
I have had a stomach bug today, and decided eventually to give in to it and go up to bed. Later on the dog found me missing and decided I must be in the studio, as she knew I had not gone out the front door.
A while later Christine realised the dog was missing, she called to no avail. Getting worried she eventually spotted her lying down very dejectedly outside the studio door, probably wondering why I wouldn't let her in. (She usually groans and wimpers outside the door until I stop work to let her in when the studio door is closed)
Much calling and cadjoling would not persuade her to leave her vigil, and eventually I had to get up from my sick-bed and call to her from the house. The immediate response to this was a dejected looking spaniel trotting back into the kitchen with one of those where have you been? looks.
As a side issue, the royal WE, (Dubh the dog) have a sore front paw and a decided limp today, just to make me feel more guilty. I ignored the scornful looks and retired back upstairs to bed. Dubh decided to hobble up after me, and settled down where she could keep an eye on me lest she miss anything.
A while later the Roast leg of Lamb came out of the oven downstairs in the Kitchen, the aromas filtering upstairs... creating consternation! The royal WE could not get back downstairs with the sore front paw... You guessed it, I had to leave my sick-bed again to carry her down. I have now given up on the idea of resting in bed, hence my posting on the blog.. and Dubh is contentedly snoring in the corner having had a few tasty morsels of Roast Lamb. Which incidently I can't face. :(
Dubh, with that "WE are not amused" face..

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