Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March has almost marched by...Winter is still here.

It's almost the end of March! Spring is not here yet either... ...we have had sleet and snow all day today, and more of the same forecast for the next week. I was to go fishing today, but decided I'm not that stupid and stayed at home instead, only venturing out as far as the post-office and my studio. I am glad to say the heating in my studio is working well...

My paintings are going slowly, but they are getting to where I wish them to go. The drying process is very slow with the conditions we have, the studio door needs to be opened to allow a good airflow for the oxidization of the oils to take place. With all these cold spells air temperatures are not high enough to leave the door open yet. Consequently drying is very slow.
This has a knock-on effect on the work, as reworking and continuing with paintings has to wait until the previous work done is dry. I am working on some of the ideas from our trip to Connemara at the moment. At the moment it seems a long while ago, not less than two weeks, but I have been rather busy since. I am still in the process of trying to organise two or three events, which means I am trying to contact and arrange meetings two or three days a week for one thing or another in between working in the studio.

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