Friday, March 19, 2010

It's mid March already, St.Patricks Day has gone...

Iam just back from a week in Connemara. Doing a little painting en Plien air, and generally having some rest and recuperation. I have had a few more breathing problems/ asthma attacks and consequently I have not been posting or painting much. The situation is still not fully under control, I am surviving on steroids still but hopefully the consultant is now on top of the problem. Connemara was beautiful, we stayed in the Abbey Glen Castle Hotel in Clifden, see the photos, room, view and castle.

We spent some time in Carna and driving around taking photos and painting plein air all the way around Cashel bay, towards Recess and Glinsk. We drove to Lough Inagh one evening to eat, but the Lodge was not open yet, it was too early in the season, which was a pity as the food is beautiful there. However the food in Ballinahinch Castle was good and excellent in the Abbey Glen, so we did not starve....
Now I'm going to have to get stuck in and do some painting.
PS. the Helicopter is not mine, I drove the car.

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