Friday, April 2, 2010

two paintings for reworking.

Two works ready for re-working again, or I should say ready for the final work. The top piece is 50cm square, the lower 30cm. Both are Connemara studies/ painting plans. I really like the water area of the 1st painting, It is light and fresh. The rest of the piece needs composition changes and cleaning of the paintwork but it is of use as a beginning. There is enough in it that I'm interested in moving forward with the ideas.

Painting #2, may work as a larger piece but I think it is interesting in it's original size as is.
It is much simpler than much of my work, it is influenced by the solid blocks of colour I have been using when painting the fish. It was painted alla-prima, and reworked just in a small area. I am considering using the piece as a foundation for a larger, more complex painting, but using the more patterned block style.

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