Thursday, November 1, 2007

The first work out of my new studio..

Is an acrylic on canvas, 24 by 18 inches. It is based on my Tunisian coast studies. I photographed it when I had the base work painted in. These base colours look a little stark, but you will notice how much they soften with the extra layers of paint in the final picture. I intend to do a few of these seascapes, and then I hope to paint a couple of larger paintings in oils when I have explored the ideas a bit further. The acrylic paint is a bit flatter than the oils would be, but because they dry so much quicker I can develope my ideas more rapidly.

For my next painting I will try to get more vibration within the sea itself. I like the movement within this one but I feel I can get a deeper look to the movement if I use less brushwork, but more careful blending of colour tones. The similar tones of two colours react when laid down beside each other, giving the effect of a vibration within the painting. This will aid the movement of the water in the seascape.

PS. in the actual painting the rocks sit below the surface of the water, but not quite as well in the photograph. I must look at the painting again to make sure.

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