Monday, November 5, 2007

2nd instalment of the WIP, Coastal Groyne

Here is the next stage in the progress of this painting. I have started over painting and adding more detail in the water.
As I continue adding more paint I am both defining the shapes and strenghtening the tones and colours of the painting, I have also started to define the wave at the foot of the painting.
Here you will notice I have started to create a swirling motion to the water, this has been done by adding many more curves with the marks from the paintbrush.

Finally I have added final touches to the broken wave and the stream of water over the rock in the foreground. I have also warmed the colours as the depth of water shallows while still keeping the overall blue/green effect in the sea.
Here is a detail of the streaming water over the rock ...
and a detail of the breaking wavelet in the foreground.

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