Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where did May fly?

Eeek!! May has gone by, without even one post!  Time is flying, but I have been busy, working on a commission, spring cleaning the Dublin garden, tackling the jungle around our cottage in Sligo and don't forget the fishing.  The Mayfly are up on the loughs. ;)

Here is the photo of my work-space and the portrait I painted at the Pop-Up event in my last post.  The event has finished now, after we were asked to extend it for a couple of weeks.
 I am continuing to take a sabattical from painting this week though, We hope to be over at the cottage next weekend doing some more renovation work for a few days.  I was up on the roof yesterday fixing the chimney from the Kitchen Range, I cut a fern root out of the flue that was nearly totally blocking the chimney altogether.  Needless to say, the draught up the chimney has much improved since the blockage has been removed.

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