Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clontarf, and Puppy dogs.

I think Clontarf is finished. I didn't do a lot more work to it, just some further work on the left-hand side. I have a plein-air frame left over from AITO in Wexford, which I have used. I think it suits the work. I just need to sign the painting before fixing it into the frame.
The painting will be in the Annual exhibition in Aras Cluain Tarbh, Seafield road, Clontarf, Dublin on 25th, 26th & 27th of November.
My little girl, Dubh, has just been operated on again at the vetenary surgery. The poor little dog has had two more growths removed and has two 10cm incisions, one on her back and one on her belly. The poor dog lost four teeth too, while the vet had her under anaesthetic.
We are not a happy puppy at the moment, and because of her losing the teeth she wasn't allowed a bone this evening when we had Lamb chops for dinner. The upside is that she is getting twice as many tasty treats, as she has to take five tablets a day instead of her usual three.
To the un-initiated that means bits of chicken, sausage or black-pudding with the pill hidden inside. These are called sweeties and are the highlight of the morning, and again in the evening, to the extent that I'm not allowed to forget them.

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