Thursday, January 20, 2011

My new cards...

I recieved my new business cards and some postcards today. They are double-sided glossy cards from vistaprint, and were due in December but they got lost somewhere in the ether.. Vistaprint had no problem resending them to me though, which is nice customer service. I'm not sure if the glossy double-side business cards will be any more effective than my last ones but they do look nice.
The print job on the back side is a little dark but the quality of the cards is excellent for the price.
The colour balance on the postcards and the front of the business cards is perfect.

Enought pre-varicating though, I must get back to finishing off an exhibition proposal... that is after all why I switched the computer on..
January can get very busy, particularly if you miss the first half through laziness.. ;)


Steve Kohr Fine Art said...

Nice looking cards Greg. Do you design your cards yourself (i.e. layout etc)? Also, not sure how many business cards you've had in your career, but how many years do you go between having new business cards created?

Greg Long Artist said...

Yes Steve, I did the layout myself. I get new cards about every two years or when I run out of them.

Amatheya said...

They look great :)

I'm quite impressed you've only missed half of Jan thought lazyness... I've just about written off the whole month!!