Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Works in progress, and a little about the process...

Here are a few images of some paintings I have been working on. They are paintings of sea-bream and a filleted sea-bass.

Red Bream


Fish stock

Bream head.

All are oil on canvas.

I have also been working on some of the Malta paintings, and they are still progressing.

Here is the one of the redtower, shown earlier that I have reworked.

I have also painted another more abstract work from the original view.

I have just reworked the sky on this painting
and re-explored the same view in a more simplified way.
I reworked the Tower painting, moving back away from my emphasis of colour. I also added some of the dry scrub back into the foreground which has solidified the painting as a whole. At the same time I have created more of a Haze to the work giving the impression of the heat instead of the hotter colouring.
As you will notice the paintings are still evolving, the evolution of the fish paintings are now having an effect on the landscapes, in particular the 3rd painting of the Red Tower which has abstracted out of the original. This was led by the interest of the fish paintings moving from a study of the fish
itself, morphing into the fish-head painting. In the way the fish head work is relying on a ghost image of the skeleton to create interest, rather than the more defined skeleton of the sea-bass painting, the 3rd work of the Red Tower has relied less on definition and more on imagination to pick out the field boundaries and terrace work.

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