Saturday, March 7, 2009

Evolving process..

I have been busy in the studio again, working away... quite productively, the work is evolving nicely. A lot of what I have done will not see the light of day, but it is leading towards something I'm getting interested in.
It may take a few weeks to get there, but if it does-so be it. It is always nice to meander off on a theme, and just follow to where it leads. It may be successful, or it may not.....either way the journey is enjoyable and I thrive on the process anyway. Painting ceases to be hard work and turns into an adventure. When the process evolves like this it is exciting, not so much that you can't see where it is leading, but you get the urge to keep going even beyond tiredness. The hardest part is stopping work, and even when I'm tired I can't wait to go back into the studio.....the tricky part is striking the balance between work and overworking. Getting over tired just means that you lose the impetus and the work gets stale.
This is why I am resting today, and probably tommorrow...

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