Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year.

It is a new year, and it seems to be promising to be a good one.  This evening I was treated to a wonderful sunset on my way home, and as the adage goes, red sky at night- shepherds delight; giving a promise of a fine day tomorrow.  Spring is on it's way, and the evenings are starting to show the signs of the lengthening days.  I look forward to the first flowers of spring, and the start of the trout fishing in 8 weeks time...

Since my last post I have been busy socialising over the Christmas period, and for the last few days catching up on a few jobs.  Business as usual, and hopefully a profitable year to come.  My first job next week is to tidy my studio, it became quite disorganised over the Christmas season,  mainly due to paintings being lifted out of racks and stacked here and there for viewing.  I need to safely stack them all back in the racks again to give me room in the studio for painting.  I will have to ensure they are safe from splashing paint before I can start work.  I hope to get some work done before the fishing starts, I'll feel less guilty slipping off to the river that way.

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