Monday, August 13, 2012

Opening up new vistas..

I haven't been posting for a while, (as you can see) I have been busy creating a Sligo chainsaw massacre... Having fun felling trees around the cottage and clearing undergrowth such as briars, brambles, old wild roses, umpteen snowberry bushes.  The clearing is nearly finished, and most of the detrius has been cleared away and piled up to dry out so it can be burnt. 
I have a large stack of firewood too, but there are still a few very large trees that need to be felled across the road from the cottage, but that's a job for the future.
In the meantime we now have a view to the side of the cottage, where before we had an inpenetratable jungle.  Plus we'll soon have lots of shillelaghs, I cut some big old blackthorn bushes down from the side too.

I intend to do some painting next week.  I'm doing very little work at the moment, but I will be nice and fresh for the winter and I hope to be very creative when the work in Sligo slows down.

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