Friday, March 30, 2012

My new lino cut.

I have been busy working on my Lino-cut for the 4th International Biennial Ex Libris. All that is left for me to do is cut the wording, Ex Libris & Communism, which is the subject for this Biennale. After much thought and planning, I decided to change my mind, simply because Communism does work in certain situations, notably in the insect world.
I decided to use Bees as my subject, they are more liked than ants and have a recognizable honeycomb.
As communism success stories, bee hives survive through strength and numbers, an ideal communist state where all work for the hive as a whole, from the queen, the workers, the guards and the nurses.
A Greek Eutopia...
The print is a reduction lino-cut in three colours, now I can finish it off and start in on the oils again.
PS. Nice was very nice, I'll post some pics later...

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