Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bankrupted by the banks, now we are being shafted again.

I've just been browsing the catalogue of the Auction sale of the Bank of Ireland's art collection tomorrow, the first trache from 3,000 works, expected to sell for 1.2 million euro, just in time to totally screw up the Christmas market/sales for the contemporary artists. After all, how many serious art buyers do you get in a population of 3.5 million?

I have three group exhibitions opening over the next week. Any guesses at how many of the art collectors are going to have some money left?? It seems to be a day for me to be complaining today. Hopefully the first exhibition which opens tomorrow evening will cheer me up. At least I've only none to not sell in this one, just 20 yards away from the Bank's Art Auction...:(
Yes you guessed it, the Banks have screwed us again. The country has been more or less bankrupted by the bankers, all who seem to be laughing all the way to their offshore bank accounts and their multi million euro pensions. The government have finally been caught out in their outright lies to the voters. And finally, for Christmas we are losing our sovereignty, sold out to the IMF to pay for the golden circle's gambling debts. All of which the working people will have to pay back anyway while the rich, and the super rich have run off with their cash elsewhere.

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Molly said...

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