Friday, June 4, 2010

Another enforced break.......

Just as work was progressing well again I've had another setback! I was rear-ended in the van at a set of traffic lights on Monday night. Now my left shoulder, neck and back are suffering the effects. Whiplash injuries are not fun, I can't work, I can't drive -- even when I get the van repaired... at least the van is repairable... it's not going to look like new but it will be fit for use. The insurance company have called it a write-off because of the age, but they are willing to pay enough to get the back and the van floor pulled back out and the bumper replaced, (the floor on the right hand side has been pushed in by about 6 inches) but not the respray. They originally valued the Van at half of what I spent on it 3 weeks ago when I had the little jobs done at the garage (because of it's age).

I'm told it is going to be at least six weeks before I'm going to be able to move with ease again. That means it will be six weeks before I can get back to my painting with any comfort. I can't fish either.... Oh well, at least I'll get work done on the computer and maybe a little selling too.
At least we have good weather and I can sit in the sun while recuperating.

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