Thursday, December 3, 2009

December has arrived....

I am still very busy with the web-design course, along with the couple of exhibitions running. I need to leave work into a third exhibition on Saturday. This will leave me without 'new stock', at least framed stock anyway. I have one or two I can get framed if someone is looking for work in a hurry, but most of what I have is just what is on the website now, and there are a few of them sold too. I raided the studio for three of the older landscape works last week for another group show I was asked to put work in at the last minute. I think they were expecting me to put some of my recent work in, but to be fair, if they wanted new works they needed to allow time for framing of the few bits I have left.
I seem to have work in nearly every group exhibition this Christmas! I guess the new work has gone down well where it has been shown.

Life is Good.

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