Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dreaming of dreamweaver.........

I am very busy taking a web design course in Adobe cs4 at the moment. I am not getting much time to paint, let alone post on my blog. I decided to do a course in web design to allow me to upgrade my angling site, which I built 10 years ago with a decade old system. It badly needs re-doing.
To be honest at the moment CSS script etc. is all new to me, but I hope to be up to date by February when the classes finish.

To be honest I was not even competent on photoshop, or similar programs. I use paint, but that is about all. (There is no substitute for a brush and paint. )
So I am in the middle of learning the ins and outs of Fireworks at the moment prior to moving on to Dreamweaver.

As I get more up to date I will probably have more time to post to my blog, and, more importantly, paint in the studio.

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