Friday, August 21, 2009

My Ex-Libris print is ready for the impression stage.

I have two draft print runs from my lino cut Ex Libris
The first is a two colour printing entitled The written word.

The background is made up of the written word in 11 languages.
The second layer is a design based on prehistoric writings and designs on some of our neolithic monuments, with script and ecrit reinforced. I opted for these as they are from the two most widely used western languages, English and French.
The second draft includes a third colour impression of a stylised quill pen. This was my intended design, but I think it is far too busy to work. For this reason I will probably go with just the two impression piece.
I have been using standard watercolour paint for the printing rather than the block printing watercolour
as I wanted to control the colour better. However I had a little problem with the
printing process when dampening the watercolour paper prior to impressing the lino-cut. (note the blurring on the second picture) I have used dry card for the two colour impression which seems to have worked better as far as a sharpness goes, however the edges have not come out clean in this one. I will try a varied level of dampness on the watercolour paper before deciding which paper to use for the final prints. I will also rework another design to send off, along with this one. I am more relaxed now that at least one is finished, as the second is not neccesary, but optional.

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