Friday, January 25, 2008

I am still up to my eyes in work. I have had to change my websites over to another server. It then took days to get the email system sorted out since my old hosts locked me out of my webmail before I had transferred my saved emails and addressbook even though I had still 2 weeks to run on my account. The old hosting company took it on themselves to shut it down when I told them I wouldn't be renewing the contracts. Luckily I had the new host ready with the websites and I had changed the pointers over for the main websites before it was done. I'd have been furious if the sites were totally down for the three days it took to get back in. I am working away in the studio, mainly on commission pieces, but I want to start working on a few smaller works for sale. I will try to create a few quicker more affordable works for the summer. I have a feeling with the economy struggling sales may be down in general this year. Gallery sales were poor over Christmas by all accounts, even though I did quite well this year.
I will find it easier this year too with the reduction in my studio costs, though I'm sure I can find plenty to spend the savings on. ..........I usually do :)
I will get myself fully organised sooner or later, I should be able to finish off the front of the studio in a few weeks after the frosts have passed. I have a little bit of cementing to do and I don't want to do it while there is a danger of frost. I need to finish the commission pieces first anyway, earning is more important than spending at the moment and I like having reserves in the studio account.

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